HO Scale Harriman Head End Cars

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Greetings modelers!   It's been quite some time  since we've posted any news or updates on this blog, and we thought maybe now would be a good time to do so.    The last couple of years we have not produced any HO scale Harriman Head End cars and was just letting the remaining stock sell out due to reduced requests.   These cars have been out for quite some time, 14 years now, and for resin kits, that's quite a long time.   However, over the past few months we have had  inquiries as to whether or not we will do a re-run.   Well, if there is enough interest, the answer is yes.   But it is conditional:  I would need to get at least 24-36 reservations each of our 4 cars to do so, as I do not want to expend any capital on materials only to have sold maybe 6 or 7 cars.  So, if you desire to acquire some of these kits, drop me a note at jscagle@msn.com and let me know type and quantity, and I will start a reservation list.   Please keep in mind, that if this does happen, it will take a couple of months before we would be able to ship out the first set of kits.  Thank You for your time and interest.
Updated item 9-3-18    Here are the other 3 types of headend cars we have produced.     70' Baggage,  69' Baggage/Postal,  60' Baggage, and 60' RPO cars.



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