Re-Release of HO Harriman Kits

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Greetings HO Scale Modelers!   Yes, I have been hearing you for sometime now on the Harriman Head End Cars, and I'm finally getting off my backside and doing something about it.  We have been slowly stocking back up and getting things organized but one of the new things I wanted to show you, was the addition of new etched stirrup steps.

Etched from Nickle Silver.   The steps can either be soldered or glued together.  Our sample mock up we soldered together and then acc'd to the car.  About time right?  We are getting closer to having them fully back on the shelves, I would say 3-4 weeks.   We are sourcing some brass wire and other bits, along with re-doing the brake staff pattern.  Your patience has been greatly appreciated.  Thanks for stopping by.



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